Phase 1
  • Onceptualize the GoalW project
  • Website, App, Dapp design
  • Tokenomic, Whitepaper and Operation Plan
  • Contract
  • Creating a NFT, banner, socials contest for project
Phase 2
  • Audit & KYC
  • Creating media channels (Telegram, Youtubem, Website, Twitter, Wechat…)
  • Mobile App developing and Testnet releasing
  • Whitelist, Airdrop, Shill contest
  • CMC untrack apply
  • Presale
  • Partnership with ventures, capital, KOLs and big communitues all over the world
  • REAL-LIFE marketing plan in many countries
  • Dealing with CEXs listing after DEX listing succesfully
Phase 3
  • Listing CEXs and add more liquidity
  • Double C incoming
  • AVE top trendings
  • NFT First Collection Sale
  • NFT Stake and Farming
  • Release Mobile App v1.0 on both Android and IOS
  • AMA tours in many big communities
  • Partnership with celebrities, football stars…
Phase 4
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Update mobile app v2.0 with a lot of new features
  • Quiz to earn bonus on app
  • Top member competitions
  • Real-life products which can trade by $GOALW token (cap, t-shirt…)
  • New NFT collections
  • Marketing Stage 2 focus on collab with football stars
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